Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

For anyone wondering, I changed how I do toning for this chapter. It will be done digitally from now on (but will still be drawn and inked by hand). I enjoy doing the ink washes, but they’re really time consuming and hard to do quickly and cleanly. It’s also difficult to keep the tones consistent from page to page.


For the toning process, I use just three gray tones (30%, 50%, and 70%) plus white (the black is already taken care of in the inking process) for the flats. I then set a separate layer to multiply at 50% opacity with black to add shadows. More white highlights are added in the end if needed (mostly for hair highlights). I finish with a watercolor texture set to overlay at around 40-50% to give it a similar feel to the ink washes from previous chapters. I also work entirely in grayscale, but save the .jpg in RGB before uploading it to the site.