Kate was a grunt in the exciting world of retail, treading water after a long string of bad luck. It was a pair of panties blasting through the vacuum of space. One off-course trajectory and bad case of wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time later, their fates intertwine to create a new kind of heroine. One that stands for justice, equality, and a really cute bra in a color other than beige. And thus, Panty Vigilante was born.

History Of The Comic

Once upon a time, in the Great Long Time Ago (approximately 2006), I had a (now defunct) webcomic called Value=Dead. It was a comic for and about girl gamers. The Panty Vigilante was a subplot where one of the cast members (Kate) had a magical girl alter ego inspired by lingerie. I enjoyed the character so much, I wanted to make it into its own comic. Nine years later, I finally got around to it.

About the Artist/Author

My name is Erica Batton. I am a webcomic artist. I have two other comics under my belt, Value=Dead and Starcrossed (neither of which are online now). I have learned a lot about my previous comic endeavors, and I’m trying to use that to hopefully make this a better comic.

IRL, I draw and paint for fun. I hope to do it as a living one day, but for now my day job is teaching. The rest of my spare time is eaten up reading comic books and researching questionable things on The Google.

I reside in Kansas City with my roommate and two cats: Cobra and Grimlock (yes, like the Dinobot).

Contact Information

My email is: erica.m.batton (at)

Please try to keep emails comic or artwork related. If you email me asking for a blood type or a list of fears, I’m probably just going to ignore you.