I’m still alive! New pages are coming. I have a cover image for proof! Thank you all for sticking with me. Life has been . . . um, chaotic. I’ve come out the other side, though, and want to start taking my comics more seriously. I have another project underway as well but Panty Vigilante is my priority. Contrary to how it looks, I have been working on the new chapter for some time now. I have written and rewritten chapter 6 and maybe (probably) I was overthinking it, but I wanted to turn out something good and life just sort of got in the way. I kinda lost my passion for a bit despite loving this comic. It took time, but I think I found that passion again. And I think I’ve become a better writer and artist along the way.

I don’t have a timeline, but I will be keeping you posted on how the process is going. Right now I have an outline. I am working on a script/thumbnails tonight. I will also be updating this extremely out-of-date site! It really needs it.

I’ve got a lot of things in store and I hope you’ll stick with me as I revive this comic and start putting things out regularly again! Once again, thank you for sticking with me. It really means a lot.