If you’ve been following this comic for a while, you’re probably wondering when the rest of chapter 3 will be done. I know I would be. Well, Beloved Viewer, I am pleased to tell you that the rest of chapter 3 will be up on the site April 20th! If you are interested in buying a physical copy, those will be available May 7th for Free Comic Book Day! (No, the comic will not be free.)

I am also working on getting a store online which I plan to sell physical books and other cool merch. (I’m not a fan of middle men.)

So stay tuned, I promise there will be more Panty Vigilante very soon. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram where I post a lot of my progress shots. And pictures of myself. I make no apologies.

You can also check out my sketch blog Erica Draws Stuff.


Also I realized I added it to the gallery, but forgot to make an announcement here, but here’s the cover for chapter 3 of Panty Vigilante:

Chapter 3 cover.

More to come!