Little Apple Comic Con was this past Saturday and it was awesome. For being its inaugural year in a smaller town (Manhattan, Kansas), the turnout was great and they did a fantastic job running it. I also got guest treatment, so I might be a bit biased. The staff was super friendly and helpful and gave me food (sweet!) so I have no complaints.

It was awesome meeting new people and having people from previous conventions stop by my table. It’s still weird to have someone come by and pick up the second issue of my comic because they bought the first one previously and enjoyed it enough to keep up with it. Weird, but awesome. So thank you guys. 🙂

There were questions about when I would have issue three out, so I would like to officially announce that it will be in May. I want to have it ready to sell at Free Comic Book Day, so if you happen to be at Elite Comics that day, I should have it. It was originally due out back in December, but had to push it back for personal reasons. For those of you who have been waiting, I appreciate your patience.

Also I was interviewed by the podcast Let’s Get Graphic and spoke on the panel Comic Artists Of The Midwest, which was moderated by Jerry McMullen from Worst Comic Podcast Ever. I will post links to both of those as they come out. In the meantime, I recommend you check out both podcasts as they are awesome and the people who run them are super nice.

And now, I post pictures!


Here we have a view at a scenic area in central Kansas. No, really. We stopped off in a place specifically labeled “scenic area”. This was it. And having made the drive from Kansas City (my home town) to Denver (and south to Oklahoma City for that matter), this area (the Flint Hills) is quite scenic compared to the rest of the state of Kansas.

This was taken just outside of Manhattan, which is just northwest of Topeka. I don’t have a picture, but it was surprisingly bigger than I was expecting (population about 52,000). I thought it would be smaller, but was pleasantly surprised. It’s also a college town, so there’s that.


Me at my table! Pretty minimal setup. I just had books and sketch commissions. Speaking of sketch commissions . . .


How about a black and white HarleyPool! I think this is my new OTP.


Link and Zelda! Drawn with ink and markers. I collected a huge amount of cardboard backs from an old job because I took a liking to drawing on them. I use them for sketch commissions at conventions mostly now.


And lastly a gentleman commissioned me to draw Black Widow for his daughter. I certainly hope she liked it. 🙂


Anyway, Little Apple Comic Con did an excellent job for being its first year. If you’re in the Midwest and are looking for a convention around late February, I highly recommend going to this one next year.