Hey, everyone. I was wanting to let you all know I’m taking a break from Panty Vigilante for a bit. I’ve been dealing with some things IRL that have made working on the comic a bit difficult. Things like the fact that I’m currently going through a job change and being sick for a large part of September. Among other things.

I had comics queued up for automatic updates, but I’ve caught up with myself. I’ve had a lot going on, and playing catch up with the comic has made thingsĀ a bit overwhelming. I need some time to get some things straightened out and get acclimated to the job change. So I’m taking a break.

My plan is to come back December 1st with the rest of chapter 3. Afterward, I will be updating the comic by entire chapters rather than certain days a week. I have a few reasons for doing this, namely so I can take my time with chapters and focus on the art more instead of going through a weekly grind. This also enables me to make time for other projects I want to do.

So there will not be an update Monday and that is why. I will be giving status updates as I progress. For right now, see you all in December!