o KC Comicon was awesome. I actually didn’t realize until everything was winding down on Sunday that this was its inaugural year, which I think says a lot about it. It’s definitely one of the most artist friendly conventions I’ve attended. The artist alley was front and center. You actually had cross the artist alley to get from one side of the vendors to another, which¬†meant more people seeing our stuff. There was also a live art event¬†(which I have not seen at any anime or comic conventions I’ve been to, so that was neat). And we all got free sketchbooks!

Panty Vigilante did well. I met some awesome people there. I should be getting some reviews coming my way, which I’m super stoked about. Thanks to everyone who came by!



A pic of my friend and me stuffing our faces with overpriced venue pizza (Papa John’s. Blech.). There’s the giant Captain Marvel pic I did (about 20″x30″), which I sold at the con.


A better view of the Captain Marvel. I only had an hour to work on it onstage, so I had to be quick!